By George

You might remember my recent comment, or opinion, about my attitude regarding some of the ?Friendly Fire? folk living just to the South of the irregular 49th parallel we share with, not only the millions of ?Americans?, but the over eleven million folk who naturally do not use English as their native language, but who seem to want to sneak across the border and make a few cheap bucks working at slave labour prices because the owners of some land want to keep their million dollar profits alive by hiring these poor people, who not only are considered illegal immigrants, but who make it possible for the land owners to multiply their profits with impunity because Captain Smirk is on their side.

Now, this Leader? Of their land is asking?, or perhaps demanding? Us, (that portion) of the Americans who share two languages from Europe, to help him provide a shield of immunity from further invasions of ?Americans?? from (Terrorists?). At least our former Prime Minister had the guts to tell Him to go to Hades before we get involved in that insane plot! Would that our New Saviour showed the same leadership! Fat chance if we invest our ex party with that form of leadership who gave us ?FREE TRADE! (HAH!), and who also destroyed any chance we had to build an aircraft which had a brilliant future as a vastly superior aircraft with the capability to outperform anything any other country had even thought of! Talk of Stupidity! We can outperform anything the other Americans have tried to do!

It wouldn?t be all that bad if that was all we had to worry about were those few instances of ignorant behaviour demonstrated by our former government leaders, except that those same people are anxious to take over the leadership one more time! With such a record of idiocy, why are so many of our political pundits lauding our new political aspirants? Are we so short lived in memory?

As you may imagine, my recollections are blurred with the passage of time which makes believers so hard to remember what is still embedded in the recesses of my mind. Good hunting for those willing to make good use of your thought processes when we again are asked to go to the polls and use the good old fashioned ?x? to make our votes count!

Enjoy the coming weeks as we continue to live in this paradise here on earth!