By George

May I prevail on you to direct your attention to the recent convention held in Montreal. You probably were able to concentrate on noticing that the former, and now, again the leader of her Majesty?s loyal opposition, was approved by 86% of those in attendance! This means that it is obvious that only a few of the minds at that meeting were focused on the future of our country!

It is highly unlikely that one of our former Prime Ministers leadership of our government has lost the ability to give away all of our rights and, behind the scene has influenced the mind of our present leader to the awful tragedy about to descend on all of us!

I know that some of you think I have lost my mind, and you might be right! However please let me attempt to explain. Most of you now realize that Brian Mulroney sold the farm when he told us we (Canadians) had a Free Trade agreement with our Southern Cousins! After the debacles of Mad Cow, the devastation of our Wood Industry, and on and on, this mindless group, who possibly will win the next federal election has chosen a like minded idiot who not only wants us to join in the defence of (TERRORISTS!), but leaves us open to the further appropriation of anything that Canada now feels is ours, such as water, Northern Lands, plus any power sources we used to think were sacrosanct!

As we seem to think that we love peace more than war, why is it absolutely necessary for us to now lay down our sovereignty and now believe that there is an ounce of integrity in the problematic boys and girls now terrorizing the playgrounds of the world in the name of DEMOCRACY! Give us a break! Sure, these people do wear nice clothes in public, but they have a longing to put on those inviting warrior costumes so present in all the folk who invaded Afghanistan and Iraq! They are not much different in attitude than when Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, and the other hysterical lovers of power went about their history making attempts to own the planet!

So, as I have often said, if you would rather go some place else and live, wave good-by as you depart, but please, leave the lights on!