By George

You may remember that last week a gentleman came to my door and made the

remarkable statement that he read this column and concluded I was wise and honest! I thanked him and then realized I am neither. If there are any of you who have those misrepresented thoughts be assured that only a truly wise person keeps his own counsel. You will all know the little comment about the fool who kept his mouth shut because he didn?t want anyone to know the truth, then opened his mouth and removed all doubt. As for the truth, anyone who will take a brief moment inside my computer?s brain will discover a dark side often unnoticed by any but an experienced hacker!

Enough of this. I was watching a television program featuring Stephen Lewis in which he pointed out most candidly, the devastation in Africa caused primarily because of Aids. Those who have been in any part of Africa will know that there are over two million families there where the head of the family is about twelve years old. Why? Because both parents are now dead and there is no one there to earn a living. In many communities there is no public water supply, no sewage disposal, no electricity and none of the amenities we so casually think of as our right to have. Just think about it next time you flush away the bath water, or take a drink from a tap! Or, complain about it when all the lights go out, and the TV goes black and we try to boil a bit of water to make tea and then panic for a few minutes as the repair crew fix the problem. Then begin to wonder at the miracle of the services we take for granted!

He knows of a generic drug all pharmaceutical companies can produce which will stop the spread of this deadly disease. It is easily administered, is cheap by our standards, and should be in the hands of all the millions of infected people there. He has requested assistance in raising the necessary funds to acquire the drug and, at the time of his request had raised about three quarters of a million dollars to buy some of the drugs. From a distance it sounds good until this humanitarian program is compared to the request by the president of the United States to continue His War Against Terror. He has had approval to spend an extra eighty billion dollars to waste on killing people. Imagine what would happen if that $80,000,000,000 was given to the United Nations to administer this life saving drug to the people of Africa. Boggles the mind!

It did nothing to be told by a friend that it was just Nature?s Way to have Natural Selection solve the world?s population problem! Is there no compassion in us any more?

As a small gesture, you can find Stephen Lewis on his website by going to ?Ask Jeeves?, or ?Google? on a computer and typing his name. There you will find more about the problem and get the address to offer assistance.