By George

You will possibly recognize my frustration if you too were on your computer writing a letter when Hydro was struck by lightning and we were put out of commission. Oh well we will just turn on the TV (not), will have a cup of coffee (not), will check the time (not), will turn up the heat (not), will get the news to see what happened (not), and so on. Did you too forget where your flashlight was hidden, or found out that, even if you found the candles you needed a match to get them to give off light. My boy scout efforts with rubbing two sticks to obtain a spark failed to prepare me for what lay ahead. Couldn?t even get information from BC Hydro because we couldn?t see the information from the phone book at first, and then received a recorded message similar to the girl on TV trying to get a message about an emergency and the recorded message saying, please stay on the line because your message is important to us! How little we are prepared to be prepared!

Reminds me of a university course in Economics my wife was taking many years ago. There was a particularly dense chap who really wanted to pass the course so asked the professor what such and such meant, over and over. One day the prof came to class and related a dream he had the night before. Seems he was walking home behind Mr. X and when they arrived at Mr. X?s house, Mr. X went into his garden, bumped his head on a tree, turned and bumped into another tree, and finally Mr. X said, ?Lost, lost in the impenetrable forest?. I often can relate to Mr. X in today?s impenetrable forests and can empathize with him, especially in the political jungles of our country, and, while this is not necessarily a course in economics to try to understand, what Belinda has recently done to her fine feathered friend, and what her previous cohort tried to do by recording a tape of a conversation he had and then taking stress leave when it was found the tape had been edited, and the complete lack of respect the political parties show to each other in the TV laden recordings of our legislative bodies at work, is it any wonder why all our collective Mr. Xs? have chosen to turn off our minds and get more satisfaction bumping our heads against trees!

As you are getting to understand why I no longer berate the strange neighbours we have at our southern border, there is much interest in looking at the labels in our stores, whether it be Canadian Tire, the Real Canadian Superstore, or that venerable Hudson?s Bay Store, to discover that, without exception there will be a tiny little, Made in China, inscription hidden in some inconspicuous location somewhere inside. Yes, we have been invaded, and most of us enjoy the results. See Mr. X?s dilemma! Have fun with the electrical beauties abounding through this coming season!