By George

Well, here you are, so conditioned by our favourite writer who ends his articles with the now famous, ?keep it between the ditches? that we indeed try! Does this mean you know there is no school in session for the next two months so you can accelerate through those pesky school zones? It is none of my business to tell you what to do, but, if you end up having ignored good driving practises because you were, ?In a Hurry?, you will not forgive yourself if you end up hurting someone and have that on your conscience forever more.

Enough with the lectures! This is a time to rejoice in our good fortune as we really do believe we will not be struck by a tsunami, nor will the heavens open up and we will be submerged by some catastrophic incident such as the tectonic plates shifting once more and doing the San Francisco shuffle! Relax and enjoy the good life! While you are at it please put in a good word to your private god for us to have a nice day, again and again!

Will you please tell me just what devil is making me look at CNN over and over! Maybe my psychiatrist knows me better than I know myself, and understands I need to be punished for my impure thoughts about that other George! Just maybe he will try to understand that there is going to be a better world as soon as he retires. I do pray for his demise, as ugly as that sounds to those blindfolded people who thinks God Will Bless America because they chose him to push them off the edge!

I often wonder if they closed NASA and sent the billions of bucks to the little kids dying every three seconds because they are starving, would some of them stop hating us so much! I hope you are digging a bit deeper, and see if you can help me from being so self centred and smug too!

A couple of days ago we were privileged to have four charming young ladies come over to our place for tea! Have no idea why we were chosen, but we really enjoyed their fresh and wonderful approach to life! It was our time to take stock and realize how fortunate we are to have such lovely friends and neighbours who have given us so many reasons to be thankful that we are going to be in good hands as this next generation comes along!