By George

My faithful friend, my dictionary, has once again come to my aid. As those closest to me know, my brain is mush, and yet there are those in this town who read this column and tell me they believe in my writing because it follows their thoughts too. For that erroneous message, I am impelled to write yet another column.

In my dictionary there is a description of a Latin expression, (reductio ad absurdum) which appeals to my sense of the appropriate. As I have failed to ingest any language instruction in my longer than usual time to linger on this planet, I am compelled to continue speaking, and writing in English. I know there are a huge number of equally fine methods of communicating messages, even in Canada, but I have, in my arrogance, decided the only one I can use, will have to be the one you will be subjected to today. Sorry, none of the others are even close to being useable by this poor example of an author.

But, back to the Latin expression. In simple terms, mine, not Webster?s, says this: When anyone uses a dumb idea, and continues forever (sort of like ad nauseam), the result is that even the most illiterate knows the idea is absurd! To translate: (and apologies to those still believing the earth is flat), I am once again compelled to castigate the president of the United States.

First, a simple lesson in arithmetic: From their own calculations, (CNN), the debt carried by the good people down South, is in excess of three trillion dollars. I grew up when finding a dime on the ground was simply a huge sum, and should be returned to its owner! Now, using simple arithmetic, translate that dime ten times and, wow! A Whole dollar! Now, find a thousand of these and, Impossible! A thousand bucks! But, stop, what if there were a thousand of these, a million dollars! And then, Wow and double Wow! Lets find a thousand of these and, yes, a billion dollars, but, lets not stop there, what if there were a thousand of these, Yipes, a trillion dollars! And the good people, who read the inscription on that first dime? In God We Trust! But what about returning this huge number of dimes to the owners? Not in THE PLAN! What did my mother do wrong? Or back to Webster and his view of reductio ad absurdum!

Maybe it is just my poor sense of right and wrong but I just do not understand! By the way, I never told my mother about that first dime, and have carried a load of guilt with me ever since. However, that is another story!

I was told just yesterday, by one of my readers, that he agreed with almost ninety percent of what I write, but told me in no uncertain terms that he would stop reading my column if I did not do an article on our ex prime minister, using the momentum of the support I have been given by castigating that other George. I am sorry, but, despite the obvious problems we now have with our form of government in Canada, it is just no contest! We, here in this frozen tundra, are so far ahead of the good folk in the USA, in all aspects of decent behaviour, that I cannot belittle our leader. He did say, ?NO!? when told we must go to Iraq. Good for you Jean! A bit like the humorous book you may have read, ?The Mouse That Roared?. However, as one of the many mice he has had for his citizens, I appreciate the effort!