By George

I need some assurance! From you! A few of my friends are telling me that, try as they might, I am leaving them bewildered! If my attempts at prose are leaving you in this same state of confusion, I need to know whether I need a proof reader, another course in the development of a topic, less diversity of thought processes, or what? I was told that it was necessary for them to leave my article and press on to another segment of the paper where there was more clarity!

It was in the morning when I composed last week?s article when London was struck by a series of attacks against their transit system and I had not a clue they were on someone?s hit list. Why not? Who will be next? What is on their minds? As you well know I am not impressed with the explanations of our fearless leaders who continue to smirk while going about their job of leading the FREE? World to some mythical democratic governing system which is, at best, a figment of their fertile imaginations. Where were they when Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, ?The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?? (Inaugural address March, 1933) Just exchange the word fear to terror.

That president had a few faults too, but that comment still sits in my mind, with its evident truth. We need a few more people who can look at the truth and speak their thoughts clearly.

From a bit of the historical (hysterical?) information I obtained as a child in an English speaking school I was told that Richard The Lionhearted went off to do battle with his troops against the infidels (any people not of his church) and emblazoned all their shields with a large cross to indicate they were just following Jesus into battle. That never worked either! But, I digress. We (the ever present generation) are about to embark on another silly effort to take the majority populations of this planet stop believing in their multifaceted gods and take the minority vote from OUR GOD and turn the other millions of otherwise nice people into Christians. Didn?t work for Richard and will not work for all the infidels either! Maybe that is where infidelity comes from! Give it a bit of thought, open your hearts to the hearts and minds of the majority thinking of other great minds, and ask forgiveness for your shallow opinions of their gods. Just perhaps, when we become familiar with space travel we will find the Sea of Tranquility waiting for our arrival. My variation of Jules Verne?s trip to the bottom of the oceans. What the heck! I am entitled to my opinions too.

Have another fine week in Shangri la!