By George

Wow! You have left me speechless! However, nothing is ever permanent and I am certain I will overcome vocal inertia as usual.

Back to last week when the weather was incontinent, again. We had been apprised of the intention to name the garden club?s garden, ?The Hartford Garden?, but had absolutely no clue what that would mean and thought it would just mean a simple group of family members and a couple of friends in attendance. Wrong!

By the time the choir had appeared, ready to sing, the Bray group already playing on the caboose, the mayor, our MP, our good doctor, Charles, and a host of people braving the rainy weather, we began to appreciate what preparation had been going on! It was a humbling experience for both of us. As we began to understand the enormous effort each of the participants had put in, from the weeding of the garden, the creation of a song by Brian, the wonderful efforts of the choir to come out on that miserable day and have prepared their music just for us, the MP, Jay Hill giving notice that he actually read Janet?s article about hugs by promptly hugged her on our arrival, the unveiling ceremony where a plaque lay covered up, the speeches by the dignitaries!, the cake lying on the table, and on and on when so many people gave Janet more hugs than she has had for decades! As you know that is not my style (British stock you understand).

As the morning progressed I found there is a plan afoot to name a day HUG DAY next year! While I personally am not a hugger type, what a tribute to my deprived wife who has not ever complained about my incompetence in this field!, and will now receive hugs-a-plenty! (Just a warning–She hugs back!)

What a wonderful morning! Thanks to all of you for giving us both a fine feeling for all of you as we enjoyed being front-and-centre in your thoughts. Completely undeserved but very welcome!

It was a pleasant moment in our lives, and we will treasure it forever!