I know you have all heard of the expression, ?There but for the grace of God goes god?. May I be so presumptuous as to changing this to, ?There but for the grace of Grace goes Frank!?.

This is no mystery to Frank, but for many of you who have not yet joined the local Lions Club, you may not know the lovely lady known to all of us as Lion Grace!

She is our driving force, and not to be outdone, Frank always the understanding one follows with? The Force to be reckoned with! As a married man for many years I understand the old adage, ?She Who Must Be Obeyed!?

The net result has been a delight to all living in Tumbler Ridge. When they arrived a few years back, the club had dwindled from a small flame to a few sputtering sparks. It is now growing so fast, room one at the Community Centre will hardly contain us and we will have to find more space in September when those holidaying return! These two, ably assisted by the newcomers, too many to list, are involved in just about every community event we hold! They are truly believers in the motto of the Lions, ?WE SERVE?. May I salute Grace and Frank for reopening the Lions Den!

On a different note I would like to reinforce the message our Bear Man has been telling you about. Yes we do have a bear problem! Not that they weren?t here long before we intruded on their territory! To keep them happy (they do not read these columns) please respect the fact that we are the intruders, not them.

If a bear is sighted, phone him, and, ?PLEASE TELL ALL KIDS ON BIKES THAT THESE ARE WILD ANIMALS AND ?GOING TO SEE THE BEAR? IS JUST PLAIN STUPID!? These are wild animals, and not your pet. It would be a tragedy to have an attack when they are just looking for food, something we do all the time, even if their choice of grub is not yours!

Enjoy Shangri la!