By George

The wonders of this electronic age never ceases to amaze and confound.

My daughter found out that even in Peru (where she has been visiting this past month) her E Mail and other instant communications strategies work instantaneously. I sent her an E Mail one day, she replied the next day and I had it just a few moments after she had sent it! It is no wonder why we are so depressed all the time. A few years ago we had some days to think about a tragedy before we had to do anything about it. Now, boom, it is on us, and the next one is only a brief moment behind! Other than the manufacturers of anti depressant drugs, there are no beneficiaries!

However, I should tell you that the contents of my missive from the missing document you did not get last week, just reemphasized how silly we are to think we can just expunge deep seated emotions just because we said we would!

I know I promised I would no longer chastise Captain Smirk because nothing I ever did, anything to improve the situation! I also promised Janet I would find more suitable topics to write about, and I have again failed her! It is so depressing to realize I am a liar and a cheat, but surely by this time you know anyway!

So, here goes nothing!

If indeed, nations around the globe are upset with our American cousins, and feel the need to ignore their puerile attempts to make them all into good Christian folk, and to say, as bluntly as they can that they will not be subservient to their demands, why can their leaders not recognize that, if these people want to build atomic warheads just maybe they only want to because almost all these weapons are in great supply in the only country in the world that ever dropped them on one of their enemies! If this is too abstract a concept for you to absorb, let us relate the idea to the common bully tactics of our own schoolgrounds. Give a kid a big stick and let him whack another kid just because he is the only one with a big stick and the adults take umbrage! Surely this is a time for justice to prevail and we applaud the adult for doing what is right! So, if our Yankee cousins want to be the only ones with the big stick, surely it is time for a more mature adult population to do the same thing to them. Good on those of us for telling the bully to butt out! Enjoy Shangri la.