By George

A friend I met recently, after discussing a prominent member of a Christian Church who recommended killing a political leader of a country, said, that too many people are praying without thinking!

Certainly reinforced what I believe to be true. It has become so common in our every day sayings that it has lost its meaning entirely.

Next time you hear the expression, My God, perhaps it is time to ask yourself a simple question, which God is that person asking for help from. I doubt any actively participating Christian in Tumbler Ridge would countenance asking god for help in murdering any member of any political or religious group in any country in this world of ours. I sometimes think I live in isolation from the real world which extolls the virtues of violent behaviour. However, you will have to judge your own reaction. Might be a good time to rephrase the old biblical phrase, Judge Not That You Be Judged, to one more in keeping with your own thoughts on the matter.

On to bigger and better things. When I listen to the news from the many other parts of this planet I can hardly believe how fortunate we are to be in this tiny section of the world which is so calm and quiet while everywhere else the floods are ravaging the landscape, where forest fires are ending the placid lives of others, where tornadoes and hurricanes are ending peaceful existences for many, and where so many are living on or near major fault lines and have had the ground under their feet shifting mightily and either spewing forth lava and opening cracks all round them, or tsunami like oceans are ending the lives of so many others. So, if the price of gas is too high, the travel out of town is bothering you, or the opportunity for you to do comparative shopping is limited, so what!. Maybe your prayers are not being heard by your god, or just maybe you are asking the wrong questions and you will are getting the answers but have yet to understand what has been given you!

As Tiny Tim said in Charles Dickens Christmas Carol. God Bless Us Everyone.