By George

Last week is now history. Not something that will ever be here again, except in our failing minds as we think toward a brighter tomorrow.

Unfortunately, as with all previous historical moments, what you remember is actually not what even your best friend remembers! You must have been in a school room and your eyes and ears were not in sync with your instructor—-the history teacher! The very best student was smart enough to know that what was expected of him or her was to religiously copy the words and never question the thoughts hidden in his or her head. I always envied that person because my rebellious mind always questioned the accuracy of the words, and even today this failure to accept what was considered to be obvious exists. So be it!

If you understand what I have just said, congratulations! You too will never achieve millionaire status, nor will you ever be valedictorian.

However you will have billions of friends in heaven, or hell, or wherever we go when our last breath is taken.

Which brings back that pesky critter, GOD. I can understand why our parents tell us the old, old story of Jesus and his love. My mother wanted us to go to church and believe while my dad was much less involved and on a Sunday it was hard to find where he was. We never questioned what he did, and did what mom wanted us to do. Sang in the choir, got pins for attendance in Sunday School, and even received a bible for attendance. As a kid I had not developed this questioning attitude, but after falling asleep wondering what a begat was and wondering what was so bad about Eve eating an apple because some dumb snake told her to and thereafter she was banished from heaven (so I was told at the time). It gradually evolved so that by the time I was a young adult I chose to say I was an Atheist. Had no idea what that meant and had less understanding of what an Agnostic was so decided to enlist in the air force using the Atheist title when asked what religion I had. On Sunday morning none of us was allowed to just take the day off so I went to church, just because we had to! Hard to take orders but simpler than the consequences.

Enough of this except to continue to wonder just what god old George is talking about when he wants this guy to Bless America! If I ever become a student, and can learn the lessons to be found in the dead sea scrolls by learning the language used at the time I may stop this foolish attitude of my undeveloped skull rejecting the english version of the King James transcription of the bible.

What has occurred in this feeble brain as a consequence of seeing and listening to the seemingly endless vision of hundreds of thousands of people from the Southern part of our continent being battered and killed because a hurricane of great magnitude swept ashore. Where was HE and where were the rescuers. (Have a new Apple computer and now have no question mark so if I ask you a question and there is no accurate punctuation mark to use, it is not my fault). Have not heard that Bill Gates and the other billionaires are baling these poor people out but what do I know. Going to give a few bucks to the Red Cross as a token gesture of my good luck to live in Canada but what a feeble attempt to help!

Maybe my little god will let me be back next week. (Remember no question mark).

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