By George

You may know that Janet subscribes to Macleans Magazine. We just received a copy with that other George on the cover drinking a glass of water with a dandy smile (smirk) for us to enjoy. There was a subtitle suggesting we give him our water, or he will take it anyway.

Made me think! What a terrible message to my feeble brain!

Anyway, I began to wonder about this great place we live in and decided to do a little investigative research. (I may not have told you I am trapped in a computer which refuses to let me ask a question and, when I press it to give me a question mark it just says, É) If you see an É just substitute the question mark symbol) Understand É

If you do not know where our water comes from, we have seven pumps which tap in to our water supply which is a large lake right under our town and sends it up to the reservoir on the hill and from there, down to the small building just behind town hall. At that point Clark Hazelhurst, or one of his employees checks the quality of the water to ensure it is safe for us to drink, and then sends it to us all to enjoy, and use, or abuse.

That promoted another thought, what happens after we use it É Let me see. First, the sink and its drainage, then the washing facilities, you know, the bathtub, the washing machine, and the outside taps for the lawn, and the cleaning of the car, etc., etc. Oh yes, and what about the more personal stuff É After using the toilet, for whatever reasons we might have, where does all the water and excrement go É

I know, but do you É Well we have a rather large facility adjacent to the town dump which bubbles almost continuously and lets us know the aeration system is attempting to clean up the mess we gave it to clean before sending it on its way. Final destination will probably be the Murray River. This promotes further questioning but by now you probably do not want me to ask because of the flaw I mentioned before.

Perhaps it is time to ask Clark about how we know whether we are acting responsibly in the way we are getting rid of all our many waste products. We should know about the huge number of diapers we dispose of, the enormous amount of toilet paper sent down the drains, or the vast quantity of oil products our vehicles send in to the system. My guess is that most of us just do not care. Or, we do not care enough.

Will it be the same when Shangri la is invaded by the large industrial giants closing in on all sides É Interesting thoughts for us to look at. Maybe Alice will take another look through her looking glass!

A worthwhile task for our newly elected councillors and the mayor.

My apologies for suggesting we abuse our public works staff by giving them another job to do. They have already made the town look pretty as we approach the festive season. Perhaps we should say thanks for giving us the water we can drink with assurance of its purity and save the future to its own devices.