By George

For some weird reason I cannot bring myself to just wish you a Happy Holiday! You will just have to reconcile yourself to receive– ——–MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! from this unbeliever.

I just know the little gods will surround me with their petty problems, but they will just have to stand in line and wait their turns. So some fanatic wants to make an issue out of calling this spade a shovel, so be it!

While our thought police will undoubtedly be making a call soon to cart me off to the loony bin, most of my friends will be in there with me so I will not be lonely!

Some of you will remember that awful old chap called Charles Dickens. In one of his books, forget which one, he remarked that The Law is a Ass!. Sure, he left the n off the a, but then, if he was able to accomplish this feat without being imprisoned, just maybe I will be able to get away with calling this season the Christmas Season. I plan on getting some of the new LED lights which will last ten times as long as the old Christmas Lights and give off as much light as the old ones at about one tenth the amount of energy as the old ones! So much for Thomas –Edison and his achievement. Wonder if he celebrated Christmas in the same way we do today.

If you are traveling away from Shangri La during Christmas Break, try to take it easy even if the distance to your family be long and tiring.

They would have you arrive too late than in a pine box. We went to Grande Prairie last week and my daughter drove too fast for the conditions but she was trying to keep up with her husband who was driving ahead of her and even faster. Made little sense to me but she did get home safely which was what we all wanted! She left me to finish the trip to Tumbler as she is living in Dawson Creek.

Surprisingly, as I have a new gadget on this car, I checked the litres per hundred kilometers system of arriving at the gas consumption record, and found that when the speed is reduced to 80 kilometers per hour the gas consumption rate also reduces accordingly! Might be a useful consideration when thinking of the price of a litre of fuel.

Happy Hanukkah for another group of believers also celebrating a holiday this year!

It is my understanding that we will also be having another New Year again.

Wonder if there will be a complaint about wishing everyone A Happy New Year, and if so, what will the complaint be. Let us wait for the Hounds of Hell to unleash their fury before we get too upset.

Happened to look up Saint George in my old encyclopedias. It looks as though the Irish have agreed he never did slay any dragon. My encyclopedia did suggest that George was a good husbandman. If you are on your way to Texas this year drop in on him and suggest he try doing just that for the rest of his days in office.

Merry Christmas again!