By George

I have been instructed by my peers, and I respect their right to give free advice, to lay off being critical of the President of the United States. As long as it stays free advice, I will try my best to follow their wishes.

Instead, I would like to concentrate on bringing you a few of the brighter and more interesting events around town. If you will look to the fellow residents in this community who have made living here a joy to you, please convey to them how much they have contributed to your happiness. My list is long, and as I do not want to single out an individual because that would be unfair to all the others who have been of a generous spirit but have not made it to the written page, I will use no names. However, to everyone who graciously opens the doors to the Post Office, to those waiting in line at the grocery store and offering you a priority going through the till, to all the young people who offer assistance in the community centre with no thought of reward, to the drivers of the cars who have seen the puddles on the road and have slowed so they do not splash the pedestrians, and a host of other seemingly minor incidents of generosity of spirit, my thanks for making this place my place to live in peace and tranquility.

Most of you will have a general knowledge of world events and have received an inordinately large number of warnings about THE TERRORISTS. What has intrigued me about this imminent threat is that there must be pollsters who know more about it than I do. Every time I see something in the news, the latest poll shows that the poll is right for Canadians in ninety two percent of the time for the segment of the population who were asked. So, how come in all the years I have lived and all the people I have asked, none of them have ever been interviewed? Think about it for a moment, and if even one of you has ever been asked for an opinion, please have your name put on the front page of this paper and let me know if you are one of the select group who has been given the privilege of knowing something none of us has ever heard about! As an aside, did you ever hear the name Osama Bin Laden before 9/11? And, if you did, was it as a partner of He Who Shall Be Nameless? Sorry, my peers, almost forgot!

I have been accused of being a follower of Christ. Well, I have agreed that He is not a bad example to follow, but I do have a problem thinking that God planned my life long before my conception, and has put a long list of obstacles in my way so I can grow in His Image. If so, it would have been good to understand why he organized my brother and sister so they could tell me to race in my kiddy car down a flight of stairs, give me a push, and then run off to play without having to baby sit the young terror I was. Did God understand that I would have a better chance to keep my glasses up after my nose was broken? If so, thanks God, it worked! For some reason, known only to Him, he put my genes and chromosomes in reasonable working order at the time of conception so I have become a thorn in the side of quite a number of people who do not necessarily agree with what I have been reading and theorizing about for all these years. As an example, Plato had a theory I kind of like. You may know his argument about the people who spent their formative years in a cave and only saw shadows on the wall coming from the outside. (He never really explained why they never turned around). Eventually they did come outside and had a terrible time understanding that they had only been looking at shadows for all those years. I also liked his thoughts on children growing into adults. You may have a different opinion, but he is said to have argued that, when children reach puberty, send them into the mountains in a uniform and do not let them come back for four or five years. As he was a Greek scholar, and I never studied that language. It may have lost something in translation. I have given his argument much thought when I was in a classroom with kids as they have demonstrated how wise he was, over and over again!

Have a great Lent, and a better Easter.