By George

Happy New Year! In just a few more days we can collectively decide what kind of government we want to provide us all as we plunge further and further into the morass!

You may have already made your decision, but, if you still are undecided, perhaps I can help you.

Long ago (in my fairy stories I always start with this disclaimer) when I was young, and mostly apolitical, a man living in Saskatchewan named Tommy Douglas (remember him?) started my journey into reality.

He, innocently, believed you and I should receive medical benefits from the Federal Government. this was so innovative that he was shunned by all the forces then operative in our Federal Houses, both Common and Senate.

If, by any chance, you have been afflicted with some strange malady within the last few months, and have needed the advice of a professional, I wonder if you thought twice about going into the back yard to see if you had a cow you might sell, or a child you might want to give to a neighbour, or did you just hop in your car and go to see the local sawbones and then, if advised, did you then go to the local pill dispenser and purchase the pills and go home to then get better in a couple of days.

As you probably recall from my last article in the paper I am afflicted by this strange phenomenon in my computer, when I ask a question all the sentence ends up with instead of the normal question mark! Still does and I cannot make it stop! So, just bear with it.

For some absolutely unreasonable and unfathomable reason, he was listened to and now Canada is thought to be the most distinguished nation on earth for our medical assistance plan.

If you agree with the above, and understand that the multi billion dollar pharmaceutical companies and their companion organizations, would dearly like us to be good little American cousins, and have about all of us pay dearly for joining them as a new American state, please do not vote for the New Democratic Party.

I must confess my attitude is a bit reprehensible to those frequenting the stock market, or those so laden with wealth they want more, this message is not for you so just stop reading now and let me blather on.

My purpose in saying this is quite simple. I like what Tommy did for my family, and it is starting to look as though Jack feels the same way too. If you like our system of health care and want to keep it, perhaps all the other parties should think about what we would lose if we subscribe to their subtle campaigns to give us all a bit of relief from the burdens they want to relieve us of. I know, never end a sentence with a proposition!

So, tis the time to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! God bless us everyone! Especially on the 23rd of January. Forget the recent election in Iraq and VOTE! It is rather unlikely that you will be shot for taking the risk!