By George

Welcome to 2006 and the new me. The year promises to be a delight for us all. You might want to dispute the convoluted logic behind this remark, and you may well be right. However, once we remove our rose coloured glasses, and do the Alice trick by charging through the looking glass, I am sure you will understand.

As most of you know, Janet and I are embarking on the first part of our second 49 years together. Unless Charles and his cohorts fail to provide us with the elixirs they have sustained us with over these many years, we will only be respectively one hundred and thirty two and one hundred and thirty three years old when we celebrate our 98th wedding anniversary! Now that is not too much to expect.

What I really want to start with is a giant thank you to all of you for helping share our day on the 27th of December. I have sent the Stephen Lewis Foundation a cheque for $575.00 as you so graciously provided instead of presents. Let us all hope it will assist in getting the drugs to the right people in time to save a few more lives. As our pastor said, when he told me he would be happy to donate his services free, and told us that, about the only person he would like to see as our Canadian Prime Minister, would indeed be Stephen Lewis! To the choir and others who donated, thank you for the folk in Africa.

There is so much we, in Tumbler Ridge, have to be thankful for. Maybe the Green Party will guide us through the days yet to come. At least they want us to have clean air, the right to a clean drink of water, a more sensible way to keep our houses warm and all the good things we take for granted as we reach for a switch to give us light and power to generate all the electricity necessary to sustain us in the future.

Perhaps we might harness the wind energy which barrels over the tops of our hills in endless supply, or perhaps some engineering students will accomplish the task of finding useful ways to make the oceans more obedient. It appears to me that using Wall Street and Bay Street as models of perspicacity might more readily be useful to us in the future if they abandoned their current leaders in the area of financial enlightenment and put them to work with pick and shovels to assist in making the world a nicer place to live in! Dream on George!

Not going in to too many details, but expressing a concern for people who have made Mammon their God I received a bit of troubling news when a small bit of wealth was divided unequally by a parent who, in order to make a Christmas Gift equitable to two siblings, chose to give one more than the other because of some real, or imagined, error in the past and has created an impasse far greater than that if the two had only received a couple of lumps of coal as usual! (For those too young to know, getting a lump of coal was about the only gift we were told to expect if we displeased Santa when we were very young.)