By George

You know, and I know, that the most humble attempts we humans make to understand other people (also known as humans) fall far short of our version of reality! My most recent attempt lies in some small corner of this feeble brain I possess. This astonishing computer, which is about one tenth the size of my former computer, and containing so much more information, so far, has refused to let me ask a question! For those living with young children, you might ask them to solve the problem, but, alas I no longer have the courage to ask! They would just shrug, attack the bowels of the machine and, voila!, you will get an answer, like (that was easy!).

Just received a nice note from the Stephen Lewis Foundation saying thanks for the money raised at our renewal ceremony. One comment was this (You can be assured that your donation will go a very long way in helping to save lives).

Spent some time last night (or was it a few seconds) dreaming. I was in a very large unfinished building which housed a large number of students and teachers. It was a fascinating modern structure which enabled trucks and other features such as plywood building supplies, corridors blocked off by workmen, and all the other paraphernalia which goes with a building not yet ready for occupancy. There I was, the principal of the school, trying to make sense of the whole scene and failing miserably. Does this mean that it was a fine decision of the present administration to put me on pension É) If so, I thank them sincerely!

However, as it is with my frustrating friend, my computer, what lies ahead will be most amazing! We should look at the style of building we currently like to think a school structure should be, and prepare ourselves for the needs of this next generation of students. They are already far ahead of us in their preparation for the future. I cannot remember the exact quotation but it seemed to go like this ( ——– or what is heaven for ?).

When I finished last weeks article I received an anguished phone call from one loyal reader who thought I said that we should not vote for the NDP. It was true, if that was the only part of the sentence you had read, however preceding that part was a comment regarding the expectations of Canadians who would be willing to give up their birthright and become good little Americans So, yes I did admonish our residents about their thoughts on the forthcoming election, I did advise them to vote wisely. Indeed, my preferred choice is for a country to be run by wise men, or women, who will be first and foremost, Canadian in outlook and performance. God willing! Now, go and do likewise!