By George

You may not understand this version of my dubious distinction as being known as the Village Idiot. Not to worry! As the premier advocate of the Bash George Contingency in Shangri-la, you have every right to continue to expose me to the Thought Police (read ?FBI?), or is that RCMP Forever?

Now that the good Canadian folk have gone to the polls and made their declarations, we will have the opportunity to love, honour, and declare our allegiance to Brian Molroney?s protege. If you are a bit long-in-the-tooth, you may recall Brian gave us FREE TRADE! Not FAIR TRADE as we had hoped for but, alas, Free for the guy with the big stick! Let us not worry, for ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO HE (SHE) WHO WAITS.

On the above premise (waiting) you will just have to relax, take another Valliam, and trust in the boys (and girls) living in their temporary quarters adjacent to the World Trade Towers to make all the important decisions for you! Fear Not, Big Brother is looking after you! However, as incest is no longer a legal prerogative in the Free World you will not be challenged if you happen to be a sibling to your Big Brother.

Which brings me to the crux of this article. There is this thing called democracy being promoted by the leaders of the free world. You know, let every person in a country go to the polls and choose a party with the most votes to lead you! We just did that on January the 23rd. Accompanied by a nice phone call from George to Stephen!

I guess HAMAS does not have the right credentials. Not only does George pledge to bankrupt Palestine, he wants the United? Nations to join him in guaranteed success! At the very least he should send the Palestinians a few more stones so they could defend their borders from the Israelites which were given fleets of jet aircraft (complete with suitable armament) so they could defend themselves against the attack of the infidels! As a good Christian, he should take another look in the old testament to see whether David was on the right track when he took his slingshot and took care of Goliath. To the best of my reviewing of that epic struggle, Goliath, just being a bit of a bully, was unable to call upon the United States to help him in his little war with the underdog, and all it took David, was a stone aimed carefully, to go on to become a legendary figure and to become a king. (now was that King of the Jews?)

My credentials are ever suspect, so if I have offended anyone, my apologies. Just refer to paragraph one!