By George

Do you have any cartoon so as to create a new world war? If so, and you have nothing else to do with your time perhaps you could get our publisher to print it and Make Our Town even more famous than our attempt to become the new dinosaur centre of Canada.

Just possibly, we could become instantly bombed out of existence if you showed the president of our friendly southern neighbour throwing an atomic bomb into Ottawa. Perhaps, more inviting would be a cartoon showing Tony and George dancing over the grave of Mr. Bin Laden? Or, would you suggest the Archbishop of Canterbury going head to head with the Pope? The possibilities are endless! By the time you finished we could bring out our Ross rifles used by the troops in the First World War, try to find some ammunition, fix bayonets and rush off to another foolish war against any new terrorists trying to invade North America! Better still, see if you can find a copy of Neville Chute?s book ?On the Beach? and we can all go to hell together.

Enough! However, I still have vivid memories of an evening in Vancouver when I was taking engineering. You may, or may not know that it was a tradition for several hundred engineering students to sing their infamous little ditty, ?We can, we can, drink 40 beers?, head downtown and parade through the main streets singing and drinking. I joined in the fun? and after acting like foolish children for over an hour, and after terrorizing the local residents, dispersed to our respective homes. I realized that I had just been in a ?mob scene? where sane and decent people had been put through a degrading and unnecessary trial! I vowed that I would never ever take part in such a stupid activity again, and I never ever have. So, how different was our stupid parade from what we have been witnessing all round the globe because a lone cartoonist in Denmark failed to respect the faith leader?s dignity and inflamed the Muslim population?

Did you send chocolates and roses to your Valentine? If you did, congratulations. If you did not, and I include myself as a lunkhead with no couth, just learn to live with the consequences.