By George

Once again, my apologies to those with closed minds! I realize there is nothing I can do with that, nor do I want to. If you feel I need psychiatric assistance, by all means send me a few thousand shekels and I will gladly go to the nearest island where I can contact my agent of mercy.

Could use a little jaunt to the Bahamas. Might meet some of my friends who are already there and are having weekly visits with their favourite shrink, so I will not be lonely! This might indeed be more fruitful than listening to my wife who simply suggests that I should grow up.

If you too have more time on your hands than is healthy for your mind, so you watch CNN and/or CTV to your detriment, and for this coming week (it is only Valentine?s Day at this writing) will be bemoaning the fate of our premier athletes at the Olympics. Take heart for every time I hear how they have failed us once more, I am reminded of the last series of accolades these people were subjected to prior to leaving our shores for fame and glory, and then having to come home again with almost no medals, to our chagrin we failed to remember:

When Percy Williams left Vancouver for the Olympics on a cattle boat and no sponsors (and NO PUBLICITY) he returned with two gold medals and almost none of us knew of his historical accomplishments! He was my idea of a hero and I wanted to run like my Olympian! Never ever did of course, not even remotely. However, it may be true that all the pressure we put on our present Olympians, might be diminished if we ignored them until they actually performed. By the way, Percy never had a multi millionaire sponsorship contract before, or after he came home. Different world we now live in!

On a different level, how about that other Tricky Dickie? Our hot shot, the Vice President is a lot more like his role model a former President who failed to maintain a discreet silence when it was imperative that he not express his opinions on tape. At least, this one has not been caught front and centre by spending a lot of time explaining why he severely damaged his hunting buddy. Have to admire his ability to keep his mouth shut.

I should spend more time looking at the fine young people in our town who are going to give us all a wonderful future by just being the great models they are already showing us how they will be and, indeed are! Thanks to you all. Keep up the good work!