By George

Just when I thought I was alone with my imaginary enemy, my daughter sent me a book written by Kurt Vonnegut. You may have read some of his novels. He has been a prolific writer for many years, having an ascerbic wit (that is my definition of someone with a biting tongue along with a weird sense of humour). I looked it up in my Webster?s Dictionary and could not find it, and as I have lost my Oxford Dictionary you can take it or leave it. I checked with Janet and she spells it the same way I do so just accept it.

Anyway, for some strange reason he seems to have an even stronger dislike for the current president of our neighbours just to the South than even Michael Moore has! I find this reassuring as both of them are citizens of the United States and have not been sent to prison for their comments! Now I know there are at least two people ready and able to fight the good fight, I feel obligated to let them know there are at a minimum three people ready to pray for George?s release from the sad state he is in! Mr. Vonnegut?s book is called, A Man Without A Country. Perhaps it will show up in our library and you can take solace from his insightful comments. As you know, my level of confidence in George?s leadership is, as always, the same as it was when he used his brother?s influence as governor of Florida to give him a springboard to success.

You will be aware of this tiny community?s new lease on life as our gigantic mountains of fossil fuel has taken on a new lease on life as the immense machines are returning to dig it and send it to new partners in world domination. Are you following me? If so, my congratulations. I have never been able to succinctly say what should be said. A sure sign I used to teach, and endlessly bore my students!

Let me try again. The Kyoto Accord was an attempt to give the humans living on this earth a chance to survive. David Suzuki has warned us, as have many thoughtful people around this planet, but to no avail.

Kurt Vonnegut goes a lot further and despairs as the millionaires have gone on to be billionaires and are heading to outer space as trillionaires! (Interesting to note that my old dictionary does not even recognize that number). Anyway, his thesis is that greed has become excessive and our (collectively) desire to rid the planet of fossil fuels is well on its way! And here we are, right at the forefront of the whole shebang! He is about as ancient as Janet and me, so not to be taken seriously!

For those much younger, and hopefully much smarter, let us pray (for whatever God you choose to subscribe to) they have the skill and fortitude to lead the survivors to a richer more fulfilling life than our current political opportunists.

Enough of the sour grapes. Did you watch any of the Olympics? Were you as annoyed as we were with the stupid little beavers? Just as dumb as the electorate seems to have been. I used to think of their industry, capability to survive, and other virtuous abilities made to order as worthy candidates to be Canada?s official symbols. To make them into silly, obese, creatures is not worthy of our contempt! On that note, farewell for this week.