By George

I know I have told you before this, but it bears repeating. i will rephrase the message: ?It never behooves any of us to think the worst of the least of us or to……..?

I guess starting with the John Howard group: (You know it works in prisons to try to make decent citizens out of the people who inhabit jails and are often successful in having many of them gain a better opportunity to live in society.) This indicates there is a commitment for this group to give opportunities for the least likely people to deserve help.

This flies in the face of the majority of our politicians and most of the rest of us who only address the winners and direct our children in that kind of success for them as they grow through their childhood and into maturity.

In our bibles we are admonished to attempt to live as the Good Samaritan and offer help to the man who had been left by the roadside.

Most of us have been told the story and have tried at one time or another to follow the message given. However, given the choice, like most of the passers by, we continue on our way with a minimal twinge of conscience lurking in the background, perhaps?

So, even though we know what we should do, why do so many of us, including me, try to emulate the winners of Oscars, where being millionaires is so important? Concomitantly, why do we consciously ignore those others who deserve, if not our help, at least our understanding?

My mother had wanted me to be a doctor, or a preacher, although she never prodded me in those directions and I was a bit bullheaded (not in this dictionary!) and ignored her advice. This is a poor time to start thinking of giving others assistance so maybe you should forget what I just said! Sorry mom, I must be a poor son to wait for so long for you to realize you failed, though you did try!

Perhaps, as an apology to her, I should stop castigating that other George. Or my other nemesis, Stephen, who is trying so hard to join him in his ideological plans to make us all Happy Americans. It will be hard mom! I should try to emulate my little heroine who, as a small child said; ?I wuv allbuddies?. I never had any trouble translating this! I have had great difficulties in following her good advice!

Let your conscience be your guide. Just in passing: If you (read Palestinians) only had stones to throw at a jet aircraft as it was attacking you with napalm, or rockets, or just perhaps a nuclear weapon? would you lean toward being a Christian, or NOT? I was told the number of dead folk from Iraq since being occupied was about 25,000 when last guessed at last summer while the number of American soldiers was about 2,200. Now we are hearing Canadian soldiers are starting to get killed now we are part of the Afghan war. Are we nuts? Bought any gas at the pumps recently?

Still heating your home with natural gas? Notice the price recently?

Do you understand we have a Free Trade Agreement with the folk down South which states that, ?If such an agreement was signed, the seller agrees to fulfil the agreement EVEN IF THERE IS NOT ENOUGH FUEL IN CANADA FOR ALL CANADIAN CONSUMERS, THE FUEL IS TO GO TO THE RECEIVERS?.

Just maybe, we should have had a FAIR TRADE agreement?