By George

Time out for a reality check !If you haven?t read any of my articles, you may be excused. Other-wise, please continue while I bear(bare?) my soul(sole?).I really do not like my namesake. He is an offensive creature with almost no redeeming characteristics. For some obscure reason the residents of the USA like him better than any other member of the only other party wanting to lead their country!

This would be fine with me (and the majority of Canadians) I have talked to except most of us, while wrapped in our invisible cloaks, claim Christianity as their real political allegiance. Now you realize of course he claims to have I could bore you with more tales of WWII veterans, but what I intended to do was to let you know that, other than being given instructions on how to fix machine guns, and having dropped a few thousand tons of bombs from an aircraft, I have never consciously ever wanted anything to do with instruments whose sole purpose is to kill something.

So why am I so upset with that other George? Other than he has been wasting millions of dollars flying Airforce One all over the planet while the price of a liter of gas is skyrocketing, he does not seem to have accomplished anything more than an endless supply of photo opportunities to wave at nobody out of camera range. At least in this he has been successful as our Stephen is trying desperately to learn how to do the same thing with the same suave and debonaire manner! By the way there were no takers. Nobody seems to want to buy the lame duck. Do you really want to know the difference between a duck? It is really quite interesting. ?One of its legs are both the same!