By George

If you had the bad luck to have read my last article, my apologies. You may have heard that my wife, Janet, does not ever read any of these articles, so there really is nobody I can blame for that sorry attempt to communicate to you!

She did teach a college course in English at Northern Lights College a few years ago and gave me a bit of good advice too. It goes with, even if you cannot think of a thing to say to start your article, at least you could begin with: ?I want to tell you that—-? then delete that part and start the letter, article, etc.

So, ——–, You need to know I had a ?senior?s moment —-again!? The words, dolt, idiot, imbecile, may also seem relevant eh?! After all, we are all Canadians aren?t we?

Last week, when my thoughts were on our Prime Minister, who at the time was in Mexico with the President of the USA and the President of Mexico for a meeting about a photo opportunity so our respective countries could see them smiling at each other as good buddies often do.

What stuck in my craw was the lack of respect Stephen was shown by Big George! The message was clear to me (and to Rick Mercer) that we are just pawns to be used in the larger game when all efforts to topple the King must be made in this international chess game! So, I lost my head, and began uttering absolute gibberish! It must not happen again!

When I mentioned that I had dropped thousands of tons of bombs in Europe, I lied. Thousands and thousands of pounds, yes. But not thousands of tons (or even tonnes). What has been important since those events which occurred some sixty odd years ago, I have had no occasions to want to kill anything, ever. I have never owned a gun, nor have I used one.

One of the wonderful bits of luck we have had in this country, and especially in this lovely place we live in here in isolation from many of the troubled lands around us, is that, other than the few Rangers, and the odd moose hunter, and perhaps an armed policeman, guns are not anything we see, or think about in our daily living. I know this is a fool?s paradise, but I like it. So, when our present prime minister wants to get rid of the gun registry, wants to send troops to kill terrorists, and thinks that we should emulate the John Wayne mentality I have concerns about where this will all lead.

Actually, I am a hypocrite. While I am not witness to the affairs of abattoirs, or other slaughter houses, I do enjoy steaks, chickens, fish, and other prepared dishes presented at dining places in all sorts of surroundings, so I must not be so critical of the hunters. But then, when my vegetarian friends are upset with those of us who eat meat, how many millions of seeds are murdered when they eat their tasty dishes? Even Jesus taught the fishermen where to cast their nets so they would not come to the table empty handed.

I do have a few concerns which remain unanswered after the throne speech. When our current prime minister wants to give the parents of kids under the age of six a thousand dollars, or so, instead of providing pre school facilities, just who is going to monitor the parents? If you read ?Angela?s Ashes? you might want to pause and reflect on what might be a colossal opportunity for the alcohol entrepreneurs to enhance their sales. What a crass thought. Not worthy of me.