By George

This morning, after being at the first part of Tumbler Ridge?s 25th anniversary celebrations yesterday, it occurred to me that somehow we failed to connect to some of the members of the celebration party. I did appreciate the words of the wife of the first mayor who, when informed by her husband that he had been offered the position to be Tumbler Ridge?s commissioner, and had come to the then non-existent town in 1981 to find that there was no town, and had explained her concerns to us, sitting in the town hall in April of 2006, that, indeed ?We?ve come a long way baby!? I did also appreciate the words of the ex-mayor of Chetwynd, who had subsequently became a cabinet minister in Ottawa, what had concerned him when our ex-MLA, Mr. Don Phillips, decided to punch a hole in the mountains to carry the trains through the tunnels instead of running a railroad to Chetwynd and then sending the coal to Port Edward and then on to Japan. Those were monumental events and our appreciation of how this town came of age through the extraordinary efforts of a small number of visionaries should not be underestimated.

While we must congratulate Mr. Frank Oberle for his support for the project, and his dedication to the success of having the vision to keep us going during the days of the downturn of coal worldwide, it was unfortunate that another former mayor, Clay Isles was not present, as he fought hard to get us through those bad days. It was pleasant to have our present MLA, Mr. Blair Lekstrom on hand to give us an example of his vision of the future for us.

I wonder what might have happened if a former South African doctor?s vision of what might have been, had we accomplished this by making this beautiful town the world wide centre for birthing? Perhaps we need to show a little more visioning. For those of you interested in pursuing this topic, I can get you the address of Dr. Nigel Myers, the author of the idea! Mothers looking to have their little bundles of joy having the wonderful experience of arriving by a physician?s snorkelling skill underwater, should follow this great thought forward!

However, on a more basic level, wasn?t it too bad that our present excellent doctor, was in South Africa at the time of this event. We have been so blessed by wonderful doctors, mostly from South Africa, who have made such an indelible mark on this community. Hopefully, part of our celebration of our 25th anniversary will include him in the summer festivities. Please do not forget that, shortly after the RCMP musical ride, we will again have the Emperor?s Challenge.

I did spend a few moments after wakening this morning exploring the possibility of letting my mind do a bit of work, but, as usual, failed to look at nano technology in a realistic manner. You will of course know something about the ?nano?. When you get in step with ?The Calculus?, you will be far ahead of my poor mind which started to fail me when I began to realize that not only did infinity exist but so did minus infinity! It also failed when I began to realize there was much more to particles than molecules and atoms. I just started to understand a few of the sub atomic particles such as protons, and positrons, but never got to understand what a nano is. But then, I also only learned part of the English language, and would have no understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, or any other of the hieroglyphics so valuable to true scholars. Was stopped in my tracks when I thought to give a few basics in chess to my ten year old son. Came home one night, found the chess board set up in the dining room, and was told to ?SIT DOWN!? I was dead in three moves! He had gone to the library, learned about opening traps, and I fell right in! Never played with him again. Actually he is still a pretty good chess player, and was recently playing with a person from Denmark, when the other person started swearing at him, he just disconnected! But, I digress one more time! See you next week?