Just a question: How many generals does it take to change a dim bulb?

Obviously more than six. But then, according to the dim bulb, there are over six thousand of them, so there are many generals to help make it happen!

Which brings us to the next question. If there are over six thousand generals (by the dim bulb?s count) (some retired), why? Sure, it should need at least one, but, more than six thousand!

How did Hannibal ever cross the Alps? How did anyone make any relevant decisions in Iraq? Where will this new information be helpful to Big George?

As we journey forward into the new millennium, with Stephen leading our country, and he is invoking his little god to save Canada, as Big George has been doing for his attempt to Bless America, our puppet seems inadequate to complete the task.

For those a bit younger, you may not have heard of Edgar Bergen or his puppet Charlie McCarthy. Too bad, for Charlie always appeared to be much smarter than Edgar, even if we knew who pulled the strings? But then, they starred in a program which was indeed funny! This pair of folk are NOT FUNNY!

Which brings forth a new question? When the Big Bully is alone in his efforts to keep the giant stick in his hand, who will dare ask him to give it back? By last count, Big George had approximately twenty nine thousand sticks (read atomic bombs) stored for future use.

As his country is the only one which ever used these big sticks in war, why should he even ask any other country to stop making them? Perhaps if he was really a Christian, he would read his bible and take the words of Jesus to heart when he told Peter to stop fighting, and put the ear back on the soldier after Peter had lopped it off! How naive of us!

Puts a new meaning to the expression, ?Lend me your ear.? At least, maybe he should listen to the comics like Letterman and Jon Stewart. They, at least, are using their brains to elicit a response from the White House so a few wiser people can respond! In my poor efforts to let you all know where I stand, would you like to find sympathetic ears to rational people in the USA so they can at least do a bit of thinking about our road to eternity that he is proposing. God save us all from more idiots at the gate!