By George

This will come as no surprise to all my ancient friends, (and there are fewer by the minute) that I used to enjoy reading. Still do, even though the struggle to make any sense after a few minutes becomes a challenge! Should I wear the glasses which no longer let me focus on the words, or should I take them off so I can distinguish some of the words?

Enough of this! One of the novels I enjoyed most was Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. Just looked back and my computer says there must be some mistake because he does not exist! A fitting comment by the computer because indeed he no longer inhabits this earth. However, Google just received the same remark, and indeed Google still exists, and has just reviewed an extensive review of his work!

Aldous wrote this work in 1931, long before computers, before complex calculators had come on the scene, before cell phones, before television, and indeed, all the modern devices we access every day to justify our existence! You know, jumbo jets, atomic weapons, credit cards, debit cards, and the list goes on endlessly. What he tried to do was imagine what life could probably be if we let the scientists have free rein! It is not a Utopian look at a wonderful place we might be able to enjoy as some of our lovers of fiction might express with lions lying down with lambs, endless miles of flowers and smiling friendly people walking on clouds.

His look to the future was much more bleak! His Brave New World was very much what has happened since the science of cloning has almost become a promising future for people, which may, or may not become the model for the human race, but much more devastating, and which has become alarmingly close to our present world situation, is the governing movement of the day. The novel says: Be safe by being monitored by the goon squad! (my words, not his). The book stresses the importance of everyone having a daily supply of drugs. The drug of choice was SOMA! Just take a pill if you start to think and all will be well, until the drug?s effect wears off, and then take some more!

Are you with me?

In my opinion, that other George, and Stephen too, go to sleep with a copy of Brave New World under their pillows! If the USA, and now CANADA, can be ruled by fear, and have the necessary SOMA in enough supply for us all to swallow to keep us happy, happy, happy, all will be well! Are we there yet?

Hopefully NOT!

Enjoy living in Shan-gri – La. With any luck you may do it without

any SOMA. Maybe a side trip to our liquor vendor might accommodate your needs. Would recommend a quiet walk in the woods instead. Just be aware the bears were here first and, though they are normally shy creatures, they are carnivores and untamed! Someone somewhere said a word to the wise was a good idea. Make a little noise, take bear spray, be safe!