By George

If you read the History Of Tumbler Ridge column in last week?s paper as reported to be what I told the students, I did not have any thoughts about having the newspaper having a reporter to take my rambling and put the thoughts down as the gospel according to George.

I did enjoy being in a classroom one more time, and, to my surprise, it seems the children enjoyed the experience too. To my amazement they all took time to thank me, and send me personal cards and messages!

Their teacher also sent me a lovely plant and her expression of thanks too. It was a fun time for me, and, hopefully a bit of an historical perspective for them in the evolution of a town from a view of no sign of a community, to a view from the air of where the town was being laid out and to some of the early times as the town began to emerge from the wilderness.

Thanks to Erin Hanna for the nice photo (haven?t looked that good for years!} and the write up. Maybe someone who is a legitimate historian will find the time to do justice to giving a more accurate account of Tumbler?s beginning, and put my rambling to rest.

As you are all aware, rumours abound. My favourite one was circulating around town and I took it as an actual occurrence! Naturally I told my son about this when he came home from work that evening. He grinned, and said, ?Oh, you have heard it already. I just started it this morning.? We are such gossips, are we not?

Well, I must tell you that the one circulating about town right now, is just not true! It concerns the RCMP Musical Ride. It has been said that it will not be the REAL THING! That it will only be a couple of riders dressed to look like the RCMP, but that?s all.

In actual fact, there will be the Real Honest to Goodness, ?RCMP MUSICAL RIDE? AND THAT?S THE TRUTH! That the Prime Minister will come to the event is, as my son can testify!!!, is, at this writing, one more he dreamed up. Enjoy our lovely town, and all it has to offer.