By George

You will remember that I was certain in last weeks article that THE RCMP MUSICAL RIDE WAS INDEED coming to Tumbler Ridge.

Today I would like to confirm this with a few details:

The Ride will be making two stops in British Columbia this year.

One in Tumbler Ridge and one in Quesnel. AND THAT IS IT FOR 2006!

There will be two TR performances: Both on July 29. One at 11 am and one at 5 pm.

Tickets will be $10 each and may be purchased from the Community Centre.

The Musical Ride Sergeant visited Tumbler Ridge some months ago, to review and approve the site and to make certain our local committee has all the details to make this a first class event. The Committee received approval from Ottawa to host the Ride on January 24, 2006.

The public will be invited to see the horses in the hockey arena from 9am to 9 pm when they are here. Don?t you just hate redundancy!

There a many more details but, unless you have not been listening, start from the top one more time!

Did you enjoy Mother?s Day? We did, even if I was told to enjoy it despite the fact that, to the best of my knowledge, I was anatomically built without any of the necessary equipment to fulfill that function.

To those actual mothers who enjoyed the day too, keep up the good work!

And, with apologies to the true Scots who really know the words:

Lang mae yur lum reek!

Just a quick note to any of you that wish to assist in getting the Musical Ride off to a good start. Crys White has said her phone number is 242-4499 and she will put you to work. Volunteers are always welcome!