By George

Let?s see YOUR HAPPY DANCE! The prize, at last hearing, was over $20,000,000! So, with such a prize, how many tickets have you purchased?

My dad died in 1941 and I had the responsibility of going through his desk to see if there might be some tangible asset my mother might access as she still had three kids not yet out of school and, while she had been a matron in a hospital before she acquired her seven children (and, as was expected in those days, a husband) only my older brother, my oldest sister, and me, had any source of income, she went back nursing and farmed out the two youngest to an aunt in Manitoba, and a boarding school in Vancouver. My next younger brother was employable so got a job to earn a bit of money. Those a bit older than me might remember there were no aid programs in those days.

Anyway, to make a long story short(er), my dad left mom with zero assets, other than a large number of old lottery tickets which were not winning combinations. Turned out that when he bought our large house in Vancouver in 1925, he put $25 down and never got around to paying off the balance when the depression hit in 1929!

When I, after two weeks service in the airforce, had to verify with mom that we were just a bunch of indigents with no verifiable assets, I made a resolution I would NEVER buy tickets with such a remote chance of ever being a winner! Still follow the same logic today and, should I depart this vale of tears, there will be no lottery tickets in my desk. A bit of insurance to bury me and a few bucks left over after the mortgage is paid. That is my story and I am stuck with it. Sorry folks, but you can still go and check your tickets to see if you too can be a millionaire!

Back to my nemesis! Do you remember the little kids game? You know, ?You show me yours, and I?ll show you mine?? How come Captain Smirk will not play the game with the President of Iran? In all the discussions about acquiring Nuclear Devices, he has bullied the other nations into threatening the people of Iran with economic sanctions, and other dire consequences for trying to build a BOMB!

Perhaps if he would show some of us the storehouse of WMD?s he has, and perhaps give a few to the Iranians so they could breathe more easily, and forget trying to make Christians out of Mohammedans, there just might be a chance for PEACE! Must stop using my stockpile of SOMA! It is just making me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

Once again i have looked up the word INSURGENT. Have you tried your Webster? A good American dictionary. It declares an insurgent is a rebel, or one who fights against the authorities. Since when is an American inspired invasion of another country an authority?

Enough! It is summer, the grass is growing, the flowers are starting to bloom, God is in His Heaven, All?s Right with the World.