By George

Trusting you will indeed have a great year, this time also. No need to reminisce about 2003 as it is history, and while most famous generals are required to tell you the reason they became famous was a direct result of remembering the history of former generals, you have no requirement to follow their lead. Especially if your name is George too! You will already be aware that some of us are not really ready to forgive and forget.

According to a recent test of true forgiveness, the offended person should really wipe away their own personal destructive attitude toward the offender by realizing the person, or persons, probably have no idea of your problem, and the only one suffering is you. If I really am going to improve me, I have to rid myself of all the people who have annoyed me for so many years. A challenge I may not be able to meet when I keep remembering that stupid Flight Lieutenant back in 1942 who gave me three days confined to barracks for a crime I did not commit. OK, so it is stupid of me to hang on to such a ridiculous memory which had no bearing on my life except to minimize my better nature, which is really more important to everyone around me. Look for the new and better me in 2004. However, while even Jesus is a model for everyone to emulate, He too kicked the money lenders out of the temple, so if we are to follow His lead maybe knocking down the world trade centre was part of His plan. Allowing this possibility it will require that the president of the United States read his bible and step down as the future owner of the world so we can all breathe more easily and return that authority to someone more reasonable. Michael Moore, as you have heard before, is my hero. He has a web site in which he asks your endorsement of Oprah as a better choice for leader of the USA in the next year. Sounds like a fine alternative to me! If you have a computer with internet capabilities take a look at ( and you can join the crowd if you so desire. On the local level, while we are being blessed with great weather (at least for those of us who have been in this part of Canada for many, many years) since winter arrived, let us not forget what happened last summer. We absolutely need much more moisture now in order to send the excess down south later on so we do not have to witness the horrible problems forest fires create. Enjoy your family and friends. They are why you get up each morning with a smile.