Bye bye Fas Gas, Hello Chevron

Lynsey Kitching


You may have noticed a change recently here in town. The local Fas Gas, has undergone some changes, and is now a Chevron. This change came into effect in mid-December.

Put very simply, the reason for the change is due to a new agreement between Parkland Fuel Corporation that owns Fas Gas and Chevron. A spokesperson for Parkland says, “The reason is because we have a new agreement with Chevron. We are converting some of our sites as part of an overall agreement.”

The agreement between Parkland and Chevron is focusing on network development, and Tumbler Ridge isn’t the only town in the South Peace seeing the change. The Fas Gas locations in Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Quesnel and Chetwynd will also be undergoing a name change.

There are no other renovations planned, it is simply a “brand change”. With this change will come new fuel programs through Chevron.

On the day this was written (Dec. 17, 2013), a comparison was made between the gas prices of both Fas Gas and Chevron when present in the same city. The comparison was done through the data provided on Though there are only a few places where there are both a Fas Gas and Chevron the numbers show, typically Chevron has lower gas prices. Both have locations in Surrey. The highest gas price for a Chevron location in Surrey is 125.8, whereas the Fas Gas price is 131.9. In Abbotsford, Chevron has about five locations, ranging in price of 111.9 to 118.9. Fas Gas in the same city, has a gas price of 113.9. In Sardis, Chevron is at 112.9 and Fas Gas is priced at 113.9. In Kamloops Chevron is priced at 113.9 and Fas Gas is 115.9, in Nanaimo 123.9 for Chevron and 124.9 for Fas Gas, and in Port Alberni, the two companies are priced the same.

Tumbler Ridge’s Fas Gas was one of the most expensive places to fuel up of all their locations at 134.9, five cents more expensive than Fort St. John and three cents more expensive than Chetwynd.

The first day Chevron is in operation here in Tumbler Ridge, the gas price fell to 130.9.