Cameron Wins Le Cirque de Vie Scholarship

Letter of Thanks

Submitted by Natalie Cameron
The only words that come to mind are “thank you” and as they continue repeatedly, they will never seem like enough.
On October 18, I submitted a video about the misrepresentation of women in todays media to Hillberg & Berk in attempt to win the Le Cirque de Vie scholarship. On November 9, thanks to all of your wonderful support, I won the $2000 scholarship. However, even if I had not been announced the winner, you all made me feel like the real winner from the start.
The requirements for this scholarship were to watch the documentary Miss Representation (to anyone who has not seen it I would highly suggest watching it), take the Miss Representation pledge, write a small essay about myself and record a short video. From this, five finalists would be chosen and challenged to get the most “likes” on their video via Facebook.

When I was I was listed as a finalist I was in awe. I had wanted to make my video very simple while carrying a strong message. When they chose me, I felt so honoured, but also terrified. I thought, who is going to vote for me?

The support I got on the video was wonderfully overwhelming. Seeing everyone’s support and reading your comments has brought tears to my eyes.
I thought the support might slow down as the week went on. But it didn’t. 
As I scrolled through the names of people who had voted for me and saw all the people sharing my video, I felt such an incredible amount of love.
I have always said Tumbler Ridge was the most amazing place to grow up, not only for its beauty, but also for the amazing people who live there. They support each other till the end. 
I wish I could thank each of you personally and I hope at Christmas I really can, but for now I hope this short note will do a slight bit of justice.
Erin Hanna, I always see you promoting every event in town, whether you are directly involved for not. Having you also promote my video on all of your pages was so kind.
To all the students, first thank you so much for voting and sharing my video. It meant so much. Secondly, even when you get frustrated with your teachers please take note that they are some of your biggest supporters and they want to see you graduate and go on to do great things. They do not forget about you after you walk out of the school doors. Seeing their support for me was a prime example of that. They really care about all of us and I am so proud to say they were my instructors. They not only prepared me for the future, they continue to support me.
Deanna Walsh, I don’t even know where to start. I think you were the first to make me cry with the kindness of your words. I feel like I could hear your “screaming” from over here on the other side of the country. I was so nervous the entire week of voting but you calmed me. “What will be…will be,” you said, and you were right. But you did more than calm and reassure me, you kept me laughing to no end. Thank you.
To my parents, thank you so much for dealing with my freak-outs and nervousness. Thank you for encouraging me to go after what I believe in and standing up for what is right. Some people said I only did this for the money and that is not true. I will not deny that scholarship money was a great incentive but what you two have taught me is to be honest and stand strongly behind my beliefs. And while I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you two, I sure am glad I got you two for parents for more than that reason. Thank you again.
And finally to everyone else, I am so sorry I cannot take up more space to thank you all. You are the most amazing people not just because you voted for me but also because you showed me your love and support just as you do for everyone else in this town. I am so proud and honoured to call you all my friends.
Thank you.