Camp For Adults Who Love Dinosaurs

TUMBLER RIDGE, BC ? The story of the dinosaur is one of the oldest on the planet and some of the oldest of the old records are found in Tumbler Ridge, BC. For the past three summers, young dinosaur lovers from around the world have discovered the thrill of close encounters with these ancient giants through the Dino Camp program. This summer, for the first time, a week-long camp designed for adults will be available from August 15 to 19.

Participants learn about the difference between a dinosaur and other prehistoric creatures, the characteristics of different dinosaurs and how to identify their fossils, the geologic time scale and earth sciences. The Camp includes tours of the many world-class fossil and track sites discovered only recently around the town of Tumbler Ridge.

The curriculum, designed by Northern Lights College in association with the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, blends fun projects with serious learning. Participants have access to outstanding resources such as the Museum collection of rare fossils, the College library, and local palaeontologists and amateur experts who are always willing to share and discuss. And there?s always time for hiking the spectacular mountains that surround the picturesque town, or for a swim in the clear waters of the Murray and Pine Rivers.

Dino Camp 2005 coordinators, Janet Proos and Melanie Dame, bring experience, both as students at the University of Alberta, and as coordinators of last year?s highly successful Dino Camps for Kids. Dame holds a BA and Proos is a fourth year student in the Palaeontology program.

The Dino Camp program teaches young people about dinosaurs, fossils, rocks and minerals, and earth history. This year, children as young as five are participating in the two-day Triceratops camps. Children who have completed the Raptor and Tyrannosaur camps may now enroll in the third and final level, the new Pterosaur camp.

At Pterosaur Camp, participants create electronic museum exhibits using digital photography and web design fundamentals and visit the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre in Tumbler Ridge. Weather permitting, campers may also accompany palaeontologists Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley on a prospecting trip to a well-known fossil site called the Stone Corral.

Dino Camp runs each day for up to five days from 9am until 4pm. Each camper receives a Tumbler Ridge information kit packed with activities parents can enjoy while the children attend camp. Tumbler Ridge is known as the waterfall capital of the north and has over 20 wilderness trails within minutes of the town site, a bird sanctuary with hundreds of birds species, and a well-groomed, 9-hole golf course. The town also has a first class recreation centre with swimming pool and spa for tired hikers at the end of the day. Many Dino Camp families enjoy camping at provincial facilities in and around scenic Tumbler Ridge, while others prefer the hotels or B & B accommodations in town. For more information on accommodations and facilities in Tumbler Ridge, check out the District of Tumbler Ridge website at

Besides the Adult Camp, the Level 3 Pterosaur camp for children up to the age of 15 is also running the week of August 15 ? 19. Register online at or call the Tumbler Ridge campus of Northern Lights College at 1-866-463-6652.