Canada Day Dog Show

As part of Canada Day, the Community Centre will be hosting a dog show which promises to be a fun event. Entry forms and more information is available at the Community Centre front desk.

Canada Day Dog Show, Category Descriptions

1.Best Tail Wagging ? Puppy will be judged on their tail wagging ability.

2.Most Butch ? Dog will be judged on their attitude and ?Butch? demeanour and/or complementing leather outfit.

3.Best Mirror Image ? To see which puppy looks most like their owner.

4.Most Obedient ? Show off how well your dig listens to basic commands. (sit, stay, lay down, come)

5.Most Original Costume – judged on the puppy?s entertaining attire, please note that any costume that causes discomfort for the puppy will not be allowed.

6.Most Mysterious Heritage ? A category for those loveable mixed breeds and their unique characteristics. No pure breeds allowed.

7.Terrific Pet Trick ? Any trick that is not one of the four for most obedient.

8.Best vocal performance ? Features pup?s with unforgettable vocal talent.

9.Most Adorable ? May not be glamorous but makes you go ?awwwww?

10.Peoples Choice Award ? All first place winners from other categories are invited back to be judged by the crowd for best in show.

Please Note All Dogs must be on a leash to participate.

Any props or materials needed are the owner?s responsibility to bring.