Canada?s Women?s Olympic Hockey Team is due to spend a week in Tumbler Ridge in mid June. For many years the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) has had a dream that Tumbler Ridge and its trails provide an ideal training venue for elite athletes. It was therefore with great excitement that it was learned that Tumbler Ridge had been selected, following discussions between the team management and Tumbler Ridge Community Centre Director Cheryl Hayden. On May 6th WNMS met with Ryan Van Asten, Strength and Physiology Coach for the team, and Jason Collison, from the Community Centre, to plan suitable hikes, runs, and activities for the athletes for the duration of their stay here. The combination of outstanding hiking trails, spectacular scenery, relative isolation, quality accommodation and the Community Centre?s great sporting facilities should make for an unbeatable venue for their summer dryland training. There will be twenty-six athletes, and with coaches and support staff the total will be around forty. Tumbler Ridge can consider itself honoured by this experience, which will hopefully be the first of many. WNMS looks forward to working with the Olympic team, and hopes for an early snowmelt so that some of the more spectacular mountain trails may be open for these talented athletes to enjoy.