Canadian Casualties in the First and Second World Wars

Canada?s population in 1914 was approximately eight million people, of which a total of 628,736 served in the Canadian Forces during the conflict. Of these, 66,655 lost their lives and 172,950 were wounded. One in every ten Canadians that served during the Great War, never came home.

Canada was hard hit by the Great Depression, particularly in western Canada. A full recovery did not occur in the West until the Second World War began in 1939.

Over a million Canadian men and women enlisted in the Forces during the Second World War. Of those, 44,927 died and 43,145 were wounded.

26,791 Canadians served in Korea, with a loss of life of 516, and 3,837 Canadian men and 237 women served in the Gulf War with no Canadian casualties or prisoners of war.

Sources: Department of National Defence; Veterans Affairs Canada. Queries regarding these statistics should be referred to these departments. March 1992.