CANFOR works with Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society to preserve two hiking trails

Canfor recently requested Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) input into their proposed Forest Development Plan amendment for the Tumbler Ridge area. Scrutiny of the detailed maps provided revealed just two areas of potential concern ? proposed cutblocks in the vicinity of the hiking trails to Nesbitt?s Knee Falls and Barbour Falls.

Both of these easy trails are fairly short (about a kilometer long) and lead to attractive waterfalls in magnificent canyon settings. As the WNMS trail system continues to be developed, they will present hikers with the opportunity to visit two more waterfalls en route to Kinuseo Falls, and will give Tumbler Ridge further reason to call itself ?the waterfall capital of the north?.

Colin Johnston and Jamie Eason of Canfor have been most helpful in resolving this issue with WNMS. Canfor has agreed to move the proposed cutblock away from the Barbour Falls trail so that it will not be seen from the trail or the viewsite, and has assured WNMS that the edges of the cutblocks in the Nesbitt?s Knee Falls trail area will be far enough back from the creek and trail so as to not to create visual quality concerns. In addition, Canfor is exploring the possibility of helping WNMS and Tumbler Ridge through the creation of a parking lot at the Babcock Falls trailhead.

WNMS has also met with representatives of the proposed Hillsborough Mine, which will be in the same general area, with regard to preserving these important trails for residents and visitors.

WNMS would like to thank Canfor for their co-operation and contribution to an ?everybody wins? solution.