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Greg’s Groundwork

A late winter diversion   I had a chance to see the high school play, “A Midterm’s Eve Phantasm,” last Thursday (March 10). For a play that took six months…

Daffodil duo

Grace Walsh (left) and Claudette Huber (right) display a daffodil box being used to help promote the daffodil campaign against cancer. The campaign runs from April 1 until April 29,…

Itchy Feet in Peru

Greg Amos, Editor
Those looking to leave snow behind in favour of sunnier climes can look ahead to the “Trekking Through Peru” Itchy Feet presentation on Peru set for March 24.
Sharon Banning lived in Peru for two years, as her husband's mining work brought the couple there. That gave her ample time to explore Machu Pichu, the Inca Trail, and many other national attractions.

Recreation report

Chuck Jensen, Director of Community Services
I hope everyone is having a great start to the spring. It has been a colder than average winter but I’m sure the weather will get better very soon, and we can get out and do a little golfing. I guess one sure sign the winter season is over would be the end of the arena ice season on March 13. Congratulations to the figure skating club for their year-end carnival last Monday (March 7).

Adventure photo of the week

IT’S NOT REAL BEER: Maxx Bouillon and Danielle Nebbe enjoy the feast at the medieval dinner held in late February at the House on the Rock church in Tumbler Ridge….

Greg’s Groundwork

New website, old Internet Greg Amos, Editor   Like a fledgling eaglet, our new website was booted from the nest last Monday (February 28).   So far, I like the…