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Plan Your Renovations Wisely Using New Consumer Web Portal

Renovating your home can be a dream come true, but without careful planning and oversight, it can also become a nightmare. It is no wonder that home renovation problems are consistently among the top consumer complaints across Canada.

If home renovations are on your list of things to do this spring, make the most of the planning phase by researching your projects first. It will save you time, money and a lot of frustration in the end.

Building Codes Updated to Mandate Green Materials

If you're designing, planning, or simply getting ready to buy a new home, the worldwide shake up with building codes will likely interest you. In Canada too, many jurisdictions are now mandating greener methods and materials to substantiate improved energy efficiency. Indeed, building code revisions of this type are expected to usher in a whole new generation of buildings that are as much as 35 to 40 per cent more environmentally responsible.

Wider Floorboard Trend Leaving Many with Gaps

Home decor tips: How to protect your hardwood floor

Wood is one of the world's oldest flooring options, yet consumers continue to find themselves drawn to this classic building material thanks to today's wide variety of styles colours and species. One hardwood flooring trend that continues to gain momentum amongst consumers across the country is the movement towards wider boards.

“More and more homeowners are choosing wide board widths these days and there's a good reason for this trend,” explained Tom Gormley, President of Silhouette Hardwood Flooring. “Wider boards give you that nostalgic feel and make any room look bigger, even very small rooms will appear larger with wider floorboards.”

Spring Maintenance for Your Home

Has harsh winter weather damaged your home? Has snow clearing ruined your flowerbeds? Has the wind torn off some of your roof shingles? Spring brings lots of little fix-ups that need your attention, but for most of them you don’t need to be an expert in renovations.

The exterior of a home usually needs some preventive maintenance in the spring, once all risk of freezing has passed. A few simple tasks will be sufficient to improve the appearance and the value of your residence.

What’s Your Financial Fitness Number?

(NC)—Financially speaking, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. The taxes are filed and the refund should be deposited into your account in a couple of days. Like every year, you’re going to reinvest it: some into the RRSP, some in the TFSA and the balance into your child’s RESP account. As a bonus, your debt is manageable and you’re fast-tracking your mortgage payments. Give yourself a round of applause because you are a financial champion!

Sure you are—in a perfect world. But the truth is that like most Canadians, you’re carrying a lot of credit card and mortgage debt. And like the last few tax seasons, you owe the taxman a small king’s ransom. Feeling less smug now aren’t you?