Caterers Now Licensed to Serve Liquor in BC

Lynsey Kitching
Catering companies can now obtain a liquor licence to fully meet the food and beverage needs of their clients.
This could be really great for events around Tumbler Ridge, such as Grizfest.
Existing licensed establishments – such as restaurants, hotels, and conference centres – now also have the ability to supply liquor at catered events held at offsite locations. For example, an outdoor wedding could be catered with full liquor service by the couple’s favourite restaurant, or an out-of-town convention could retain a single catering company to provide both food and liquor to their conference delegates.
Previously, people hosting an event serving liquor in BC needed to get a special occasion licence, take the Serving It Right course, purchase and transport the liquor and accept liability for liquor service at the event. Catering companies can now handle these responsibilities on behalf of their clients. These changes were made following consultation with the catering industry, hospitality associations and local governments.