Celebrating Life in Tumbler Ridge

Celebrating Life in Tumbler Ridge:

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town Week June 6th to 12th, 2004

?Be A Tourist In Your Town Week? is taking place in Northeastern BC from Sunday June 6th to Saturday June 12th. In a display of civic pride, this event is designed to recognize and celebrate the special things about our community that attract visitors from all over the world. People are encouraged to take the time and become intimately familiar with their attractions and the local business community responsible for enhancing guest experiences. This, in turn, creates a town full of ambassadors that collectively market the place in which they live. This familiarity also helps us better assist our visitors with their visit and can refer them to utilize businesses that can provide them with the products and services they need. The District of Tumbler Ridge Economic Development Department has partnered with a variety of community groups to organize a series of events for ?Be A Tourist In Your Own Town Week?. We would like to invite everyone to join us in celebrating the special place in which we live:

Tuesday June 8th

Water and Our Way of Life: Presentation by Bob Sandford

In this inspired presentation, the Chair of the United Nations International Year of Fresh Water will outline the state of water resources worldwide. By comparing global and national threats to water quality and availability, Bob Sandford will underscore the importance of water to the identity, prosperity and future of Canadians. After you hear this presentation, you will never take water for granted again.

7pm at the Tumbler Ridge Public Library

Wednesday June 9th

Bullmoose Marshes Sunrise Stroll

Formally developed through a community-based project in 2003/04, the Bullmoose marshes is a highly prolific birding area nestled within a valley of the Northern Rocky Mountains. Join us on a guided field trip to enjoy the fruits of community spirit and marvel at the convergence point for ornithological species from both sides of Rockies.

Start Time: 7am rendezvous at the TAGS Food and Gas Parking Lot

For more information: Please contact Charles Helm of the Tumbler Ridge Ornithology Group at 250.242.3984

Business-to-Business Familiarity Tour

The more we know about each other, the better we can market each other. In this event, it is proposed that the segment of the business community that deals with tourists gather for an evening and travel from place to place to learn about what each other has to offer and to hear about the plans that everyone has for this year.

7pm rendezvous for local business owners at Town Hall

Thursday June 10th

Heritage, Tourism and Sense of Place: Presentation by Bob Sandford

Through thoughtful analysis of what makes small communities worth living in, Bob Sandford will present a case for making where and how you live the main tourism attraction in your town and region. Come and listen as an expert on sense of place explores how you can create tourism you can live with.

7pm at the Tumbler Ridge Public Library

Friday June 11th

Downtown Get-Down Community Reception

This is an evening out in the downtown core of Tumbler Ridge to welcome the summer season and to help dispel the feeling that there is no nightlife in our town. Businesses have a unique showcasing opportunity by opening their doors from 6:30-10pm and working with each other to offer one-time promotions and specials. Home based businesses and non-profit groups are encouraged to come down and share what they have to offer, and tables will be available from the Community Centre ($5/ea.). Local entertainment will also be set up outside (weather permitting) to enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

Table Registration: Please call the TR Community Centre at 250.242.4246

Saturday June 12th

Rally in the Valley: Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Team up, head out and test your knowledge of the town! Points earned over the course the event will determine this rally?s prizewinner. Team size limited by number of seatbelts. Deadline June for registration is 11th.

Registration and regulations: Available at the Community Centre, call 250.242.4246