Celebrating Small Business Week

It has been a year of change for Tumbler Ridge Realty Ltd. and it is only just the beginning. Poised to begin breaking ground on their new premises (along with the owner of the new building), TR Realty sees this as another step in solidifying the permanence and future of this community.

A few months ago, TR Realty changed their logo and brand. Soar With Us is a reflection, in part, of the owner?s philosophy. Those who know Peter Thompson well know he is a visionary and brings out the best in people. From his early days in education where he revamped and implemented an impressive new school style to his involvement here in Tumbler Ridge. One would almost speculate that he had some sort of crystal ball regarding the turn around of this town and its possibilities.

Thompson saw the potential of TR and its beauty and his vision lead him to invest in the town. He purchased two abandoned apartment buildings, started Tumbler Ridge Realty Ltd. and began drawing investors to the area.

Tumbler Ridge Realty first opened its doors just 3 years ago offering only real estate services. Within a few short months, however, Thompson, who is licensed in both BC and Alberta, added property management services under the able direction of long time resident Ed Kennedy. Today Kennedy manages over 150 rental properties providing everything from rentals, monitoring vacant homes, arranging repairs to lawn maintenance, etc.

Currently there are two sales representatives, long time resident Sue Pittman-Kangas and Jennifer Marsel. However, once the new building is complete (across from the RCMP detachment), Thompson hopes to attract more realtors. In addition, his property management assistant, Rebekah Huston, will soon be fully licensed to provide property management, strata management and real estate trading services.

With Thompson?s busy schedule and the pending move, he relies heavily on his extremely capable office manager, Bev Huston who brings a high degree of customer service and creativity to the job. Thompson knows his office would not be as successful as it is without his dedicated staff and he appreciates their hard work.

Still keeping with his visionary outlook for Tumbler, Thompson can see the possibilities and the eventual market demand. With this in mind he brought in the first Greensmart Home. He feels it has been a great partnership dealing with the innovative and award-winning company and hopes to build more homes and offices in conjunction with them.