Celebrating Small Business Week

KC?s Dollar Store and More

If you stop and look at KC?s Dollar Store and Furniture, you see a business that has beat the odds and succeeded successfully in Tumbler Ridge. Times are always looking brighter in our future, but it didn?t start like that.

Christine and Kees VanDeburgt opened for business in 2003. With only the Dollar Store at the time and a rapidly declining population, business became tight. So in May of 2004 they made a decision to bring in furniture.

Their favorite moments at the store are when they get positive reactions from their customers about the store and the merchandise. They are glad to have the local support, and thank everyone for the success that they have had. The advice that they would pass onto any new entrepreneurs is that customer service is key, and to pay attention to each and every individual that comes into your store and try to meet their needs. Most of all stay organized, and remember if there is a will there is a way!

With plans of a new building being built within the year, KC?s Dollar Store and Furniture has made a prominent place as a small business in Tumbler Ridge.