Hi everyone, is summer really here?? I am beginning to wonder, it is either raining, or cloudy and only about plus 2 most nights. Maybe July will bring us something better.

Our Golf Tournament was a blast. We ended up with 62 golfers, and hopefully everyone had a good time. It only rained for a little while, but there were a lot of bugs. Thanks everyone for turning out and all our sponsors and volunteers for their help.

The flowers around town are looking nice this year, thanks to the District staff for watering, they would dry out really fast with all the wind this year. The tourists will enjoy the beauty they create. I see there are getting to be a lot more trailers and fifth wheels about. Doreen at the Tourist Information Booth said she has been really busy lately.

Some good things have been happening around town this week:

Tim Lee, Fire Chief has formed a Wildfire Interface Committee. The first meeting of this committee was Tuesday June 24, 2008. It was well attended and a lot of information was discussed and shared.

The Mayor and Council had a luncheon with the local Businesses at the Golf Course on Monday, June 23. This informal meeting was also well attended, it was a meeting of businesses with councillors and mayor to discuss their problems, and what they would like to see around town. At our table there was a lot of discussion about everything from roads and signs to payroll. This is a step in the right direction, and will help to bring the local government together with the businesses and community; we are all one.


GST/PST Tax Workshop ? July 11, 2008:

There have been changes in 2008 and these people are coming to Tumbler Ridge to explain them and the reporting of them to us.

This workshop is for all businesses, non profit groups, bookkeepers, and anyone interested. It is from 8:00 am to 12 noon in room 4 of the Rec Centre and is put on by the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue and the Chamber of Commerce. There is no charge for this.

Please register at the Chamber Office with Marie 250- 242-0015 or Peggy at the Rec Center Office 250-242-4246. PLEASE try to register, but if you forget just show up. I really want a good turnout to this workshop, as they were not going to come to Tumbler, and I asked them specially, as I did not feel that our businesses and citizens should have to drive to Dawson or Chetwynd to get this information. So lets show them how much we care!!