Chamber Chatter


By Marie Therriault

Hi everyone. Another Grizfest come and gone. I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, wether you stayed and watched the parade, listened to music or went camping, hiking, fishing or just laying around. It is nice to have a long weekend.

I got a surprise under my door the other morning. Someone slipped a copy of the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce Membership List for 1983. If anyone wants to see it please stop by, who ever did this thank you, it is nice to have this old information.

For any of you who own land, we have received in our office a booklet of Oil and Gas Development and You. This booklet is promoting the Landowner Notification Program about the sale of sub-surface tenure below their property. This program continues until spring of 2009, booklets are free, please feel free to stop by and get one.

Here is an article I thought I would share with you:

Do you know what you?ve done?!

You?ve just made a difference. Your patronage of a locally owned independent business does big things for Tumbler Ridge – from impacting the local economy, to enhancing its character and appeal.

As consumers, we have the power to shape our community! Isn?t that an amazing thought?

Every time we open our wallets to a business, we are saying, ?I like what you do! Keep doing it.? Your purchase today? ?has a huge impact on the local economy. In fact, three times the economic benefit compared to the same purchase made at a chain retailer. Why? Because local businesses bank locally, hire local accountants, attorneys and designers, and advertise in local media.

?creates a vibrant and sustainable culture for independent business. Something wonderful happens when small business thrives ? it attracts more businesses, creating pockets of complementary shops. You might see a clothing store open first, then an accessory store, followed by a shoe store and finally a café.

?develops and maintains community character. Ask someone to name their favorite shop or café? chances are it?s an independent business. Yet we often forget these local places rely on our patronage to survive. Tumbler Ridge is not just a target market to them ? it?s their home, and they have a personal vested interest in the long term health of this community.

Money Spent Local, Stays Local

Studies showed that for every $100 in consumer spending locally yielded $45. That is $45.00 more that will impact the local economy.

Local Owners are Local Contributors.

There are other benefits to buying local as well. Research has shown that small local businesses make indispensable contributions to communities and neighborhoods. A study of businesses detailing charitable giving showed that when in-kind contributions were included, small firms gave an average of $789 per employee, medium-sized firms $172, and large firms $334.

Local Businesses Offer Stable Employment. Small businesses account for the largest share of net new jobs generated each year, and locally based business provide some of the most stable employment opportunities in a community. For all their economic power, the number of jobs provided by global corporations relative to the world?s workforce is small. The 200 largest corporations in the world employ less than one percent of the global workforce although they account for about 30 percent of global economic activity. Between 1983 and 1999 the number of people they employ grew by 14 percent while their profits grew over 360 percent. Most job growth comes from local independent businesses.

Maintain Uniqueness.

Additionally, an economy of diverse, unique businesses promoted by locally owned business attracts today?s skilled workers and investors who can choose to settle and grow businesses anywhere.

Thank you for supporting your Community by Shopping Local!

Q: Why do seagulls live near the sea?

A: Because if they lived near the bay, they would be called bagels!!

Have a good week everyone.



Due to the time ?? getting a float into the parade?, this week we are spotlighting all our members by printing a list of our members to date for 2008. Thank you all for your support of the Chamber of Commerce, if there is anything we can do to serve you better, please contact Marie at the Chamber office 250.242.0015.