Community Centre. Even though this is a board meeting, all members are welcome to come.

Spirit of BC Committee had a meeting February 21. They are moving forward nicely, don?t have another meeting scheduled at this time, as they are awaiting more information from the government. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more.

Don?t forget International Women?s Day March 8, will be loads of fun and learning.

I want to thank the people that helped the Chamber of Commerce with the All Candidates Forum on February 19.

Karsten Henriksen ? Moderator

Cascade Realty ? Water

Cup A Saurus Cafe? ? Goodie Tray

Kinuseo Cafe & Dining Room ? Goodie Tray

Sheila?s Place ? Goodie Tray

Toolbelt Jobs Ltd ? Set Up And Take Down Of Room #5

Tumbler Ridge Realty Ltd ? Cups

If I have missed anyone, please forgive me. THANK YOU ALL, as once again all of us working together gets a job done.

Peter Mandeville (our Treasurer) was a huge help, as I picked that day to get really sick, Peter just took over and completed everything. Thanks Peter.

We are working on our 2008 Membership, to those of you who were members last year and haven?t gotten around to it this year, please send in your membership. We want to get started on our Directory. You will all be hearing from me, as I started making phone calls on Tuesday. I sent out packages in December, if you have lost, misplaced, or thrown them in the garbage (hope it was the recycling) just call, I will fax you, or mail you another application.

Check out our website when you have time. if you have some nice pictures we could use on the web site, please e-mail them to me at the office and I will get them on. I am adding the 2008 membership daily.

Hope your business are busy, your health is great and the sun keeps shining. Remember to stop by and say hello. SHOP LOCAL, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES, SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY.

Q: What is the difference between man and Superman?

A: Man wears underwear under his trousers ? Superman wears it over his trousers!!!