Chamber Chatter

Hi again everyone. Hard to believe another week has gone by, when you read this it will be August 20th already. Don?t know where the time goes.

I have so much to talk about today, don?t know where to start. Judy Stair, one of our newest Chamber Members, is a consultant with Investors Group. You will be hearing from her, as she is expanding her business into Tumbler Ridge, and she will be emailing and visiting people here. She is our Spotlight also this week, so if you want any investment information, RRSP, ESP, etc, just give her a call.

Another really IMPORTANT item I have to talk about is SENIORS. As you all probably know I am on the Seniors Needs Committee. We are trying to get a list of all the Seniors in town; so if they need assistance shoveling snow, cutting grass, etc. we can send someone to help them. We also want to have a frailty index, so we know how much help they may need. So all you seniors please please go and register at the district office. We are trying to make this a welcoming comfortable community for Seniors to live, and you know what? We are starting to get some things taken care of. If anyone wants more information regarding this committee, you can contact David Price at his email

I also want to chat about our Wildland Urban Interface Committee. Great things are also starting in that area. At the last meeting it was decided which piece of land will be used for demonstration purposes. You will soon all see it, and how our forest around town should look. Anyone who wants to volunteer can go see Tim Lee at the Fire Hall.

Everyone should have a FireSmart Manual in their home, and the whole family should be made aware and be firesmart. These Manuals are all over town, or you can stop by the Chamber office and get one. Please, it is very important for all of us to be Firesmart.

Friday September 19 and all day Saturday September 20, 2009 the Chamber will host a ?Strengthening our Community Through Sustainable Business? workshop.

Our business practices need to be good for business, good for community and good for the earth to be deemed a true success in today?s emerging business world. Organizations need to be accountable to their stakeholders, (employees, customers and suppliers) and the communities and environments in which they do business. This workshop is going to help us achieve these goals. We will also learn how to be green, save money and our environment. PLUS Saturday evening there is a special 2 hour workshop that is free for everyone, it is fun and informative ? it is called ?How to Green your Wallet in eight easy steps?.

Please mark your calendars, you will want to make sure someone from your companies attend this workshop, and bring this information back into your business environment.

An itinerary is available at the office, and the cost is only $25 for members and $30 for non-members per person for the whole workshop. Please book now…..please make time to come to this, you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot, this is for men and women.

Have a good week everyone!