Hi everyone. I had so much to talk about last week that I forgot a very important item, Peter Mandeville, Toolbelt Jobs Inc. Treasurer for the Chamber ran in the Emperor?s Challenge. He wasn?t running to win, but to beat his own time and to participate. Well he DID IT, he beat his own time by 41 minutes, that is quite a feat ? WELL DONE PETER, and he didn?t even have one cigarette while he did it, he told me last year he probably had half a package. So that is even better. We are proud of you Peter.

This week has been great for me as a Chamber Manager, I got to attend a Regional Meeting in Dawson. There are five Chambers in our Region, and all were there but one.

We learn how to work together to get things done in our Region, we learn how to work on policies, we learn how to work with and for our businesses and our governments, so that we all benefit. The Chamber of Commerce is a huge organization, and it does get things done!

Now I want to talk about the workshop that I am organizing for our community and surrounding area the weekend of September 19 and 20, 2008. The workshop is called

?Strengthening our Community Through Sustainable Business?.

Friday night after a Bistro style reception …fun, good food and coffee!!

You will find out about ?Corporate Social Responsibility, Triple Bottom Line, Sustainable Business?……what does all of it mean and how do you measure up?

Saturday you will learn about:

?Green….meeting, working & living it.? ?Cause Marketing & Cause Promotion? ?Employee Volunteer Programs?

This is the first time this workshop has been presented as a whole package. We are lucky to get these ladies in Tumbler Ridge. I think people will come from other Chambers and Districts and want this in their area. We should be happy we don?t have to travel away from home to attend workshops such as these.

PLUS Saturday evening there is a special two hour workshop that is free for everyone. It is fun and informative ? it is called ?How to Green your Wallet in eight easy steps?.

Please mark your calendars, you will want to make sure to come to this.

An itinerary is available at the office, cost $55.00 per person for the whole workshop. Please book now…..please make time to come to this, you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot, this is for men and women. THIS IS GOING TO BE A VERY GOOD WORKSHOP,


Thank you for supporting your Community by Shopping Local!

?There is a fine line between persistence and annoying!?

I know I can be the later sometimes………

Have a good week everyone!